Weekend Recap

Wow this weekend flew by! It was filled with friends, food, and lots of relaxation. No seriously, I didn't do any homework. Until right now at 9pm on Sunday night of course. Thank goodness I don't have as much going on this week as usual. But to recap:

How do I always manage to cut most of myself out of every photo? Seriously.

I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't feeling this weekend at first. Financial issues, school stress, and some grumpiness between me and the boyfriend put a damper on my early Friday afternoon. Add to that lots of frustration trying to get to Dallas for a hockey game, and neither of us were really in the mood for fun. But once we got there, the whole weekend went uphill. The Stars won their 3rd game in a row, our section got picked to receive $20 casino vouchers (for the record, neither of us gamble...it was just cool to be in the winning section!), and some girl got proposed to on the kiss cam! It was the first time either me or the Boyfriend had actually seen it live, and of course she said yes. It was so cute. Not sure if that's how I would want to be proposed to, but the girl seemed to really like it. Plus the Boyfriend bought a soda cup with one of my favorite players on it!

Baby-faced Kari Lehtonen

Yay for a 4-1 win despite horrible calls by the refs...ha.

Saturday afternoon the Boyfriend and I went shopping so he could buy a dress shirt. He has a big group presentation tomorrow in his speech class and wanted to look spiffy. The new mens' clothes out at Dillards are quite lovely, by the way. I wanted to buy him half of the store! Then after a quick stop by the mall's pet store to drool over precious puppies, we grabbed lunch at Freebirds yummmm.

That night was dinner and singing with our church family. It was definitely a splurge night for me. BBQ, cobbler, corn casserole, salad, fruit, homemade rolls...We had so much food. And of course, I had to eat a little bit of everything. I brought fruit to try and be healthy, but did I eat any of it? Of course not haha. Thankfully there was some of it left so I took it home and ate it.

Today after morning worship I just came back to the apartment and fell asleep. Then after my nap I stayed in bed for the rest of the afternoon and played around on my laptop. After worship tonight, the Boyfriend and I stopped by Zoes (does anyone have a Zoes near them?) for dinner, then I came home and made a lasagna for the freezer.

our number at Zoes

cooking beef for my lasagna

I'm currently trying to decide between baking a batch of cookies for a baking challenge hosted by 20 Going on 80 or calling it a (very) early night. 

How was your weekend? Tell me all about it! :)

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  1. looks like you had a fun weekend!! i love hockey!! by far my favorite sport!