It's Ok Thursday

{It's ok...}

...to silently feel superior because you can lift more than the pretty girl next to you in the gym
...to envy that same girl's cute workout clothes
...to take a minute just to close your eyes and breathe
...to be a little bit excited when your FB status update gets a lot of likes
...to stand by your firm belief that leggings are not pants (put some pants on please I don't want to see that!)
...to want to go to bed at 9 tonight instead of going out
...to feel blue. Some days are just like that
...to dread going to your leadership seminar so you're blogging outside instead of going into the classroom (maybe that's just me...)

On that note I'm off to my last class of the day. One and a half hours to freedom! 


  1. I totally nodded at ALL of these :)

  2. yes, i totally agree...leggings are NOT pants. end of story lol