I love to be creative...but sometimes it's hard

Every year I say that I'm going to make/give Valentines to everyone around me. And every year I lose track of time, V-Day sneaks up on me, and I don't send them out. The same thing almost happened this year, but I happened to look at my planner tonight and realized that I have 8 days to figure out what I'm doing. I'm just at a total loss for what to do. I feel so UN-creative right now it's not even funny. I don't even know what I'm going to do for the Boyfriend yet! (shhh don't tell him!) 

Here are a few of the ideas I've compiled so far 
CAUTION - Extreme cheesiness ahead (because I think it's adorable)

I'm lucky to have you - too bad I can't find mini-boxes of just this cereal. Good for the cereal-loving sweetheart, though

You rock - This would be so cute for a classroom or other situation where you have to make a lot of Valentines

This "I love you" card is adorable...and photos aren't expensive if you're making a few of these (buy 25 get 25 free at Walgreens this week!)

You color my world - I am in LOVE with the idea of taking old crayons and using them to make new heart-shaped crayons

Pretty frosted sugar cookies are always a good way to go...because who doesn't like sweets?

I love you to pieces - So presh (did I really just say presh?), and really inexpensive. Also great for larger groups.

Any other ideas? Let me know! No, seriously please let me know haha. I can always use more inspiration!

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