It's Ok Thursday

You know the drill...time for "It's Ok Thursday"

{It's Ok...}

...to not be in the mood to post today. Then feel guilty that you haven't posted
...to tell people that your Boyfriend is the best in the world, and actually argue with anyone who disagrees
...to be way nervous about going to a grad school open house this weekend
...to be way nervous about grad school in general
...to mess up and make mistakes. But you've gotta learn from them
...to be proud of your school even when a few students are giving it a bad name (lay off, haters!)
...to already be looking for summer jobs, but wishing that you could spend those months by the pool, or the beach, or any body of water with the sun shining
...to tell yourself that it's time to start eating healthier, then find yourself on Pinterest looking at desserts an hour later
...to find yourself not paying attention in class. again.

Happy Thursday...We've almost made it to the weekend!

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  1. Don't be nervous about grad school! It's just more school and obvs you're used to that as an I! I wish I could be a lady of leisure all summer. Unfortunately, I'll be looking for big girl jobs and trying to not become homeless :)