Sweaters & Bib Necklaces

"Little Girl in the Big World" is having a givewaway for a lovely bracelet from Stelladot, and that led me to check the website out. The pieces are way out of budget for me (over $100 for a necklace doesn't work for a college student), but they are gorgeous. I whipped up a couple of outfits on Polyvore that feature my favorite necklaces on the website:
looking class-y
{Marrakesh Bib Necklace}
I think this necklace is perfect for dressing up a plain sweater on those rainy days when you don't want to go to class but know you have to. This outfit is both cute and comfy!

casual date(ing)
{Alexandria Necklace}
This outfit would work for a casual date with the Boyfriend, or for a girls movie night. I love the flared jeans trend (note: go jeans shopping again soon!), and the soft pinks and neutrals complement this layered silver necklace perfectly.

Playing Dressup
{Bamboleo Necklace}
Oh man, I love this outfit. It would be perfect for a party, fancy family dinner, or work function. The teal in the necklace is brought out in the heels, and I must have that glittery clutch.

There are my 3 outfits...which necklace is your favorite?

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