Case of the Mondays

I am one grumpy girl this morning. It must be a case of "the Mondays". But I grabbed a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese before class this morning, I've got a vanilla hazelnut coffee on the desk beside my laptop, and The Boyfriend is sitting beside me laughing at our professor's jokes. Suck up. ;) Slowly, I am getting into my routine as a student with 2 jobs. It's just taking some time. I'm a senior and sometimes my motivation level is a big fat ZERO.

I'm feeling random today, so that's what y'all are getting. A list of random stuff that I found fun this morning. Because studying and writing lesson plans is SO overrated.

The Color Of - Type in a word or phrase, and this program will gather photos from the Internet to give you the "color of" that word/phrase. Pretty neat huh?

Dog Shaming - People post photos of their little rascals and the "crime" they committed. This one had me silent laughing in the quiet section of the library.

Sweet Southern Charm - Love this girl's Tumblr. She posts such cute things. Great for Southerners, or those who aren't so lucky to live down here. ;)

Vanilla Joy - It's already the 10th of September and that means we are officially getting into Cardigan Season. Here's a cool (and super easy) tutorial on how to make a cardigan out of a pullover sweater that doesn't fit quite right. This is great for re-purposing those "meh" items in your closet!

Dancing Twin Babies - Have you seen this YouTube video of twin babies dancing to their dad's guitar playing? Ugh. So precious.

Well that's all I've got for today...my next class is starting now so I should probably pay attention. And I just noticed that my laptop has approximately 32 minutes of battery left. Great. Gotta go...

Happy Monday!


One reason why I love Elf

No, I'm not talking about one of these guys:

I'm talking about EyesLipsFace, an awesome makeup brand that is actually affordable for even the tightest college budget. I recently ran out of my favorite mascara (Maybelline's LashBlast, which is also pretty awesome), and for some reason decided to try something new. Maybe it was the fact that there was no makeup on sale at Target...$9.00 for some black goop in a colorful tube? No thanks. Anyway, I found myself wandering over to the ELF section, where I found this:

No, not my tea, although it was pretty good too. It's ELF mineral mascara for only $3. Not a typo. I bought it with a hint of skepticism, wondering how well a $3 mascara could work for my lashes. But then I put it on and realized that it's pretty dang great. See the proof below. 

Sorry my before photos are a bit blurry. I think it's a combination of an old camera, incompetent user, and barely-there lashes. But you can tell it definitely made a difference. BTW all I'm wearing here is the mascara. There's something about makeup-less closeups that makes me shudder. So y'all should feel blessed that I shared these.

Anyway, my conclusion is this: ELF mineral mascara will not make you look like you have falsies. But it's perfect for day makeup, and I'm sure with more coats (this was only one coat...seriously) it could become more intense. It swiped on easily and I didn't have any problems with clumping. The color was nice and dark. For $3 I'll definitely be picking up another tube when this one runs out. That is, unless I find another treasure in Target. That seems to happen to me a lot. 

It's been a super busy week, but after 1 more hour here at work I'll be free for the weekend. Mine included a Blake Shelton concert with The Boyfriend last night. Of course I forgot my camera. Dumb. Tonight we're hopefully going to pick up an adorable baby dog. Then tomorrow is the horned frogs' first football game of the season AND first in our gorgeous renovated stadium! I'm excited for what the next 60 hours has to bring. :)
Anyone else have exciting plans? 


What I've been up to...

So at the beginning of July I took a break from blogging. It was becoming a hassle to keep up with everything and honestly I was beginning to feel like a fail blogger. And it wasn't just blogging, it really was all technology. I decided to step back and just live my life without being tied to my computer all day. Here's what I've been up to:

A little bit of baking...

Some painting...

Eating a lot of great food...

Hitting "big" driving milestones (50,000 miles in 5 years!)

Spending time with the people I love...

And being clumsy.

Yes, my bejeweled, cracked screen, 5 year-old phone is now sleeping peacefully at home where I accidentally left it. About a month ago I was getting ready to call Momma and dropped my phone in the pool. It was only submerged for 3 seconds tops but the damage was done. It still turns on but I can't do anything with it. Sad day. So when I went home at the end of July I went to the Verizon store, then left with a phone in my hand and no money in my bank account. *sigh* Adult life is so fun. NOT. But I like my new phone...except I'm still trying to get all of my contacts back. I was that person on Facebook who posted a status telling people to message their numbers. Ugh haha.

Oh yeah, and I also started my senior year of college. WOAH. I know. It's the 2nd week in and I'm already just a little stressed. Maybe a lot stressed. But hopefully I am back to blogging and y'all haven't forgotten about me.

Comment please so I don't feel like a loser who lost all of her friends? 
I love y'all!


July Photo-a-Day

Holy Smokes I can't believe it's already August. I'm a day late with the "July Photo a Day" photos BUT here they are!

1. Self portrait - I really should stop making faces like this
2. Busy - At work...always multitasking
3. Best part of your day - Coffee and spiritual growth
4. Fun - Going out for breakfast at 11pm

5. On the floor - My shoes are on the floor more than they're in my closet
6. Chair - Redoing some dining chairs I was gifted
7. Garden - Not mine but I stumbled upon it during my walk around the apartments
8. Lunch - Freebirds...yum.

9. Big - Opening an Etsy shop. Big and scary.
10. Favorite color - Purple, of course
11. Letter - Freebirds again...wow I eat here a lot haha
12. Texture - My laptop case feels so cool

13. Open - Old recipe book open to my grandmother's cookies
14. Building - Cool Barnes & Noble downtown
15. Finger - My little pinky!
16. Sign - Gash on my ankle...a sign that I should be more careful while iceskating

17. Addiction - Pinterest...I'm on every single day
18. Plate - Zoes hummus and salad plate for dinner
19. Animal/insect/pet - The weird looking bug that was outside my front door this morning
20. Eyes - Big eyes and a silly face

21. 9 O'clock - Washing dishes at night
22. Upside down - The gross wasps making an upside down nest at home
23. Mirror - My mom bought me this cool mirror. I'm kinda in love
24. Stranger - A stranger's car. I love hockey so I couldn't help but take a photo

25. Heart - This boy stole Little Sister's heart (precious!)
26. Sunshine - On the fruit Momma cut up for breakfast
27. On the road - I hit 50,000 miles WOAH
28. Cup - Buc-ee's cup is essential for traveling (and Big Red Icees)

29. Last thing you bought - A delicious burrito on my trip home
30. Calm - Bible study on the comfy couch
31. Toothbrush - I love this pink toothbrush...and actually looked good this morning haha.
*AUGUST IS HERE! Get the list for this month here*

I guess this means I'm back to blogging haha. It feels good to be back. That break was just what I needed.



Re-evaluating my life right now.
Blog posts may be spread out (even more than usual). 
Please don't hate me.
Or unfollow.
I promise I'll be back soon.
Hopefully with something awesome. 
I'm crossing my fingers and saying a prayer.
I'd appreciate it if you would too.
I love all of you even if I don't personally know you.
Thank you for your support.

PS: Beth @ Home Stories A to Z is having a pretty sweet giveaway for you DIY-ers...don't enter because I want to win go check it out! ;)


Puppy Love

I am a self-proclaimed "dog person". But it's almost more of an obsession. When I was younger my family always lived in rent houses, so we couldn't have pets. I got away with a small bunny for a while in first grade, but my parents gave him away to someone with a farm. I'm convinced they sold him to a keychain factory, but they've stuck to their farm story. Every birthday, I blew out my candles and wished for a puppy. Every letter to Santa included a puppy in my list of Christmas wishes. 
When I was 11 we moved into the house my parents live in now, and I finally got a puppy. His name was Max, and he was the most loved Westie you have ever met. 
Unfortunately, he suddenly got very sick one day and we had to put him down. I was there until the end, and was crushed. For a few years my parents were dog-less; then a woman from church asked if we wanted her dog. She worked and couldn't take care of him the way he needed, and her little girl was getting tired of him. That's how we acquired Louie. He is seriously my parents' third child, their pride and joy. He's a great cuddle buddy, runs like a greyhound around the living room when he gets excited,  has an entire basket of toys, sits on your laptop if you're not giving him enough attention, loves to go for walks  mad dashes around the neighborhood, and is the smartest dog I've ever met. Can you tell I love him?

But now that I'm at college more than I'm home, my apartment can get kinda lonely sometimes. The Boyfriend's great, but sometimes I just need a small fluffy to snuggle with. I have a serious case of puppy love. I go to our city's pet adoption website at least once a week, and frequent the pet store at the mall so much they probably think I'm trying to rob the place. But our apartment complex is mean and makes residents pay a kajillion dollar pet fee. Plus once school starts I won't be at the apartment much, and it wouldn't be fair to a puppy if I left it alone all day. So for now, ooh-ing over the animals will have to do. Maybe I'll start volunteering at the animal shelter or something. Stray fluffies need love too!

Have any pets? Tell me about them! I love hearing everyones' stories. :)
Have a Fantastic Friday! 


Seersucker in the South

After spending a few days in the South, you're bound to notice both women and men wearing seersucker. While it can quickly become a little bit "5 year old on Easter Sunday" for me, I definitely don't hate it. It's preppy and great for the summer.

A Complete Waste of Makeup
Neely at "A complete waste of makeup" is giving away a monogrammed seersucker coozie...Go check her out and enter to win!

Happy Independence Day!


Let's go to the Beach Beach, let's go get away

That Nikki Minaj song is terrible but so catchy...darn. So I'm linking up again for Friday's Fancies @ LongDistanceLoving. Sorry posting is so sporadic...I'm at camp right now and our campers arrive in 1 hour yaaaayy!!! But that means most of my posts (if they happen at all) will be short and written on little sleep and lots of caffeine. Bear with me. Thanks y'all!
Here are two beach looks: One for the active beach-going girl, and one for the glamazon. Because I consciously attempt to dress modestly, I hope these outfits reflect that somewhat. I know you can't wear jeans and a sweater to the beach, but I try to at least somewhat cover up. I'm at the beach to have fun, not get googled at. ;)

wave runner

fun in the sun

Which one of these looks speaks to you? 


Weekend Recap

Even though it's already the middle of the week again (I seriously cannot believe it), here's my recap from last weekend. Thursday afternoon, Little Sister, The Boyfriend, and I drove home to spend the weekend with my family. 
Friday was our beach trip to Galveston with friends...between sand castle building, failed kite flying, getting knocked over by the huge waves, and rubbing sand on each other, we had a blast. And only a little bit of sunburn. 

The rest of the weekend consisted of watching movies, cat-napping on the couch, playing Apples to Apples until we were silly tired at 1am, eating a lot of my Momma's great food, and enjoying Sunday worship services with my home church family. The Boyfriend and I were pouting when we finally had to leave, but I had work yesterday so we had to be semi-adults and come back. Boo. :P

On a happy note, yesterday was my last day of work for the week. Frog Camp training starts today; I can't wait to facilitate the TCU class of 2017 as they begin their college life! So pumped!


Motivation on a Monday

So...I've been bad. No I'm not talking about the fact that I haven't blogged in 5 days, although that is pretty bad. I've been bad because I haven't worked out in over a month. And while I was home I ate a lot of butter and sugar. And when I say a lot, I mean even Paula Deen would say "Oh my stars". My Mom is a true Southern woman, so I didn't stand a chance between dishes like homemade mac-n-cheese and Texas sheet cake. Oh, dear. 
BUT...beginning today I am going to get back into the swing of things. That means healthy eating and working out. 
Insert my newest workout motivation:

Click on the photo to go to their site, and watch the video. I couldn't help but smile while watching it. They don't time it, and proceeds go to a local charity. What could be better?
Anyone else in? Lemme know, especially if you're in the DFW area. 

Have a Marvelous Monday!