Let's go to the Beach Beach, let's go get away

That Nikki Minaj song is terrible but so catchy...darn. So I'm linking up again for Friday's Fancies @ LongDistanceLoving. Sorry posting is so sporadic...I'm at camp right now and our campers arrive in 1 hour yaaaayy!!! But that means most of my posts (if they happen at all) will be short and written on little sleep and lots of caffeine. Bear with me. Thanks y'all!
Here are two beach looks: One for the active beach-going girl, and one for the glamazon. Because I consciously attempt to dress modestly, I hope these outfits reflect that somewhat. I know you can't wear jeans and a sweater to the beach, but I try to at least somewhat cover up. I'm at the beach to have fun, not get googled at. ;)

wave runner

fun in the sun

Which one of these looks speaks to you? 


Weekend Recap

Even though it's already the middle of the week again (I seriously cannot believe it), here's my recap from last weekend. Thursday afternoon, Little Sister, The Boyfriend, and I drove home to spend the weekend with my family. 
Friday was our beach trip to Galveston with friends...between sand castle building, failed kite flying, getting knocked over by the huge waves, and rubbing sand on each other, we had a blast. And only a little bit of sunburn. 

The rest of the weekend consisted of watching movies, cat-napping on the couch, playing Apples to Apples until we were silly tired at 1am, eating a lot of my Momma's great food, and enjoying Sunday worship services with my home church family. The Boyfriend and I were pouting when we finally had to leave, but I had work yesterday so we had to be semi-adults and come back. Boo. :P

On a happy note, yesterday was my last day of work for the week. Frog Camp training starts today; I can't wait to facilitate the TCU class of 2017 as they begin their college life! So pumped!


Motivation on a Monday

So...I've been bad. No I'm not talking about the fact that I haven't blogged in 5 days, although that is pretty bad. I've been bad because I haven't worked out in over a month. And while I was home I ate a lot of butter and sugar. And when I say a lot, I mean even Paula Deen would say "Oh my stars". My Mom is a true Southern woman, so I didn't stand a chance between dishes like homemade mac-n-cheese and Texas sheet cake. Oh, dear. 
BUT...beginning today I am going to get back into the swing of things. That means healthy eating and working out. 
Insert my newest workout motivation:

Click on the photo to go to their site, and watch the video. I couldn't help but smile while watching it. They don't time it, and proceeds go to a local charity. What could be better?
Anyone else in? Lemme know, especially if you're in the DFW area. 

Have a Marvelous Monday!


Lions and Tigers and Bears!

In less than an hour, Little Sister, the Boyfriend, and I are going to the zoo! Of course I did the zoo run in April, but I haven't actually walked around the zoo since my freshman year of college. It's definitely time I visited the animals again. In honor of our zoo trip, here are some cute animal-themed photos that I found and loved. Rawr!

via, bananarepublic 
Sadly, this cardigan was from the MadMen collection at BR, and is no longer available. :(
via, rifle paper co.

via, whatiwore 

via, michaelryandesign

via, elizabethmckay

Well, I'm off to pick my 2 favorite people up. It's zoo time!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



Got this cute post idea from Designed to Love , and thought it would be perfect since I have a crazy case of writer's block.

I am currently...
{reading} The Great Gatsby
This was one of my favorites in high school, and since the movie is coming out this Christmas (check out the trailer, it looks fabulous) I decided that it needed to be read once again. After this I continue through the Harry Potter series with The Prisoner of Azkaban.

{watching} Pretty Little Liars
New episode tonight, but I'm waiting to watch it with Mom and Little Sister when we go home on Thursday. Love. This. Show.

{anticipating} The beach!
Little Sister, the Boyfriend, and a couple of our best friends are going to Galveston for a beach trip this Friday, and I could not be more pumped. It's the first time we've been this summer, and we're gonna have a blast. High of 93 and mostly sunny = perfect beach weather. I'm already planning what to pack in the cooler. I'm thinking bottles of homemade sweet tea, chocolate chip cookies, fruit, and chips. Any other ideas?

{laughing about} God's way of working things out
Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm an over-worrier. But seriously, if something can produce stress you can bet I'll stress about it. Lately I've been wondering why things have turned out a certain way, doubting decisions, and just really hating myself. Then last week things started falling into place, and are continuing to do so this week. It just makes me laugh because I can almost hear God saying, "See Lauren? This is what happens when you stop trying to control everything and give it to me."

{listening to} Fluffy music
Oh you know, One Direction, "Call me Maybe", songs with a crazy beat...they're almost required for summer. Lots of in-the-car karaoke and dancing will ensue. Obviously.

{eating} Breakfast at my desk
For breakfast this morning it was Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, along with half a tablespoon of chia seeds. Chia seeds are so weird. I heard someone compare them to fairy eyeballs one time and haven't recovered. They're okay if I just don't think about their sliminess. *shudder* At least they're healthy, right?

{working on} Re-doing my dining chairs
I've been working on them for 3 weeks, but I'm still not finished with those dadgum chairs. Lemme just say that you've never faced a challenge until you decide to spray paint chairs on a tiny rental apartment porch. Anyone have a tutorial for removing spray paint from surfaces? Oops.

{wishing} I was off of work
Little Sister is currently at my apartment, probably eating a PB sandwich and watching a movie while still in her jammies. And the Boyfriend is most likely doing something similar. I, however, am in a chilly office with pretty much nothing to do. It's a super slow day, and I'm practically the only one here. Now I can't complain too much because obviously I'm lucky to have a job. But while it's great to make money and be self-sufficient, part of me wishes I was with the two people I love most right now (besides my parents). At least I get off soon. 1 more hour until freedom!


Friday's Fancies: Pretty Little Liars

I don't watch much TV. I don't have cable, and could honestly care less about most shows that are on right now. Pretty Little Liars is the exception, big time. I love the drama, I love that it's a little bit spooky (try watching it alone at night and you may agree), and I love the outfits. 
I envy Hannah's glamour, Emily's comfy cuteness, and Aria's ability to pull off even the most crazy outfits. But even when reading the books, I related most to Spencer. She's a stressed out overachiever with a stubborn must-win attitude, and I kind of love her. Maybe that's because I'm a lot like her. She's also a pro at looking polished and preppy.

Here are 2 outfits Spencer has worn recently that I decided to create:
Spencer - Pretty Little Liars

spencer2 - Pretty Little Liars

I like these looks because they're easy, yet put-together. Perfect for going to class, running errands, or  casual Friday night fun.
I am so pumped for this weekend. Rodeo & BBQ with The Boyfriend's parents tonight, then road tripping with the Boyfriend tomorrow to pick up Little Sister from camp and bring her back with us. You don't know crazy until you get Little Sister and I together. The best part? She has no idea we're coming to kidnap her. Yay, surprises!
Happy Friday!


It's OK Thursday

{It's OK...}
*To go to Target multiple times a week
*To roam around Central Market on a weeknight just because you have nothing else to do
*To be annoyed by the immaturity of teenagers, even though you're not much older than them
(was I really that annoying?)
*To be ready for bed by 9pm (yawn)
*To LOVE grocery shopping just as much as cooking
*To be completely UN-inspired - some days are just like that
*To turn on your fan and wear a minimal amount of clothing so you can turn your
AC off as much as possible
*To eat that ice cream even though you haven't worked out in a month
*To justify the not working out by lending your sister your only pair of running shoes
*To want chips and salsa every. single. day. Hey, it's practically a vegetable! ;)
*To have a little bit of doubt sometimes. Just don't let it stress you out, kay?
*To really be looking forward to a 6 hour road trip, even if it starts at 2:30 in the morning
*To look in the mirror and say, "You are awesome and smart and beautiful". Just try it.

What are you Ok with today?


4 Months and Counting

Fair warning, this post isn't what most people would call "girly". But I was sucked into the hockey world and am currently just a little obsessed. Any others out there proving that you can be girly and truly enjoy sports at the same time? Anyone?

Okay. Well, with a win in game 6 Monday night, the Kings snatched the 2012 Stanley Cup from the Devils, making Stars fans everywhere (including the Boyfriend) groan and think "that could've been us". But lets not dwell on that fact for the moment. Now that hockey season is officially over, fans are definitely feeling a void. Am I right? And I know what that means: it's time to plan for next season. 

The planning of watching parties has begun. At this rate, I'll be more than ready come October. ;)


Coffee Tables

I can't tell you why, but I have a growing obsession with cute coffee tables. Maybe it's because I actually drink a lot of coffee and would use one. Or because I like doing my homework sitting on the floor at my coffee table in the apartment.
I'm especially fond of these tables. They're all a little bit unique, and I would be glad to have any of them in my future home. 

With the marble top and scrolled white bottom, this table would fit perfectly in a romantic shabby chic living room

This plush ottoman/table would provide extra seating for guests, and I love the nailhead trim and tufting

This one, even though it looks old and worn out, is kinda cute. It would be great in a farmhouse or refurbished barn. Plus, it would be easy and cheap to DIY

This would be so easy to recreate: a pallet, glass cut to fit, and 4 wheels attached to the bottom

This one is supposed to be for kids, but it's rugged enough to be a coffee table in a grown-up living room. Plus I love the concealed storage. I have a lot of junk :P

Have a Marvelous Monday!


Friendship Bracelets

If you're a 90s kid, friendship bracelets are old news. They were swapped between classes and summer camp, came in every color, and were treasured by girls everywhere. 
Now, arms stacked full of these grown up friendship bracelets are one of this summer's biggest trends. Here are a few I found and absolutely love!
{Click on the photos to see how they're made!}

And of course we can't forget the friendship bracelet wrapped headphones...I heard it takes forever, but they're great for keeping the cords untangled!

I've already made the 5th bracelet and it turned out great! I can't wait to pick up some embroidery thread and try the rest of them out. :)

In other news...it's Friday! And I get off of work right...now.
Have a fabulous Friday afternoon!


Wedding Videos

Linking up with Something Charming for Wedding Wednesday today. :)

I was cleaning my room at home the other day when I found my parents' wedding video. It was neat to look back on that day, especially since I wasn't there (obviously!). It got me thinking about wedding videos, and how you just don't see them much anymore. People are more concerned about the photos. I used to think that I wouldn't want my wedding videotaped, but my mom told me something interesting. She said that while photos are nice, there's something about videos that's special: the sound. It's hearing the voices of special people who have since left us, hearing yourself make those important vows, hearing people wish you and your husband well. That really struck me. I mean, photos of the shoes you wore are nice, but I'd much rather be able to watch my wedding over and over again. 

And so began my hunt for wedding videos. But I found that the most viral ones were not my style at all. They seemed over-produced, over-thought, and just a little bit fake. Maybe that's just me being cynical, but they were not my cup of tea. 

Then I found this stop motion video and fell in love. This video is amazing. It told the wedding story from beginning to end without any cheesiness or lipsyncing or over-the-top acting/dancing. And of course the stop motion was done very well. 

Then this one made me tear up. It's one of the most sweet, heartfelt videos I've ever seen. Ugh. So cute. Plus she had a gorgeous and modest wedding dress.

This last one is a combination of video and still photos, which was interesting to me. They used a Bon Iver song for this wedding video, which automatically makes it awesome. It perfectly captured the feeling of their romantic beach wedding.

What do you think about wedding videos? Did you/do you plan on having one? I think these videos might have changed my mind.