Makeover Monday

Last night brought a small snow flurry and some pretty cold weather for North Texas (no worries though, our high for Wednesday is supposed to be 70...crazy weather can't decide what it wants). On this chilly Monday afternoon, I'd rather be curled up in bed with some hot coffee and a good book than dealing with the very long day ahead of me. I'm hoping to even slip a workout in there at the end of the afternoon, but I'm definitely going to need some motivation. So today's Makeover Monday is dedicated to making over your workout. It's easy to get into the same workout routine time and time again, but that can get boring pretty quickly. Plus, your body gets used to the movements and learns to not work as hard. Here are a few things to help shake up your workout:
{PS: I'm not a professional...just a regular girl who likes to work out. So take my advice at your own risk, and don't blame me for your pulled muscles or any injuries sustained from falling off a treadmill, kay?}

Currently loving this interval run...I can't do it for the whole time, and it definitely kicks my butt, but I'm adding it into my weekly routine until I complete it!
I like the 100 (and all of its variations), because it's a quick whole-body workout that is actually realistic. I definitely need those 5 breathing minutes at the end, though.

I used to do yoga classes at school, and this was my favorite. I love how I feel less tense afterwards.

And now I'll end with a little bit of workout humor...enjoy! :)

How are you making over your workout? New music, cute gym clothes, changing up your routine? Let me know! 

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  1. I think mixing up my workout is the thing that keeps me going! I just joined a kickboxing class, and mix that up with running/elipticals :) And a friend to motivate helps too!