Sometimes, Love Stinks...

Little Sister got broken up with this week...over text message. I know, I know. Boys are dumb right? (Oh not you, Boyfriend...just in case you're reading this)
So to help heal her teenage heart, I put together a little "breakup survival kit" and will be putting it in the mail pretty soon. Everything fits in a small padded envelope from the post office, and will usually mail for less than $5. If you want to make your own breakup survival kit for a sister or friend, consider some of these things:
breakup survival kit
(clockwise from top left)
1. Girly movies - Princess movies or chick flicks...whatever she can just veg out to
2. Her favorite candy/food - Just make sure that it's not gonna melt...not really a problem during the Winter though
3. Friendship bracelet - To remind her that you'll always be there for her...Target has a lot of cute ones right now, or you can make your own!
4. Coloring books/other fun things - My sister LOVES to color, so this would cheer her up instantly. Pick something that your friend likes to do and include it
5. Nailpolish - Include something that she can use to pamper herself, whether that be some cute new makeup or a trial-sized version of her favorite lotion
6. Cute bandages - To remind her that even though her heart is broken, those wounds will heal
7. Breakup songs CD - Include some scorned love songs from Adele and the like, but end your mix CD on a positive note with some dance tunes and upbeat "moving on" songs
And obviously, don't forget to include a sweet note to let her know how awesome she is!

Breakups are usually rough, but soon she'll be back to herself in no time. And remember, even though it feels like this is the end of the world...
...it's gonna be okay. :)

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