Makeover Monday

Today for Makeover Mondays I'm looking at my kitchen. I'm in a (small) apartment with a (small) kitchen that I'm honestly not a huge fan of. But slowly and surely I am working on fixing it up, since I'll probably be in this apartment until I graduate (which is a year and a half away!). 

Here's a few photos of my kitchen...not very impressive. Not even clean right now, ugh. This was right after I finished cooking, for the record. I'm not messy and gross all of the time!

Here are some small ideas from various websites (click for the link!) that I plan on implementing to improve my space:

Loving the pegboard idea for pots and utensils. I don't think I would paint mine bright green, although it's a pretty awesome color. Just wouldn't go with the rest of the kitchen/living room. Fairly cheap and easy storage for my quickly growing collection.

I love how these jars are all different. I've definitely started scouting the thrift stores for some, along with Hobby Lobby and Michaels (they're cheap with a 40% off coupon!). I don't have a pantry, so I figure if I have to show everyone my food I might as well show it off in girly containers!

My garbage can is black and already a bit yucky, so I think I'll grab a can of spraypaint for plastic and get after it this weekend. I'm thinking a dark brown/bronze color...maybe it will hide the fingerprints and food residue better. :P

I had the idea last week to frame some of my grandmother's and great-grandmother's old recipe cards and hang them in the kitchen. It's art that I can also use as a reference when I'm trying to re-create those recipes. Then I found that someone else had this idea as well...great minds think alike!

I'm quickly running out of drawer space in my kitchen, and am looking for alternate ways to store my kitchen utensils. Someone was selling this on Etsy, but it's not there anymore. But it would be so easy to make, and how cute would it be filled with spoons and spatulas?

That's it for now...Anything you're "making over" for Makeover Monday?


  1. I really like the different ideas - especially the jars. So cute.


  2. I love those jars! I have a teeny kitchen, so these ideas would be such great space savers :)

  3. Ok, I seriously love your blog! I'm a thrift store / garage sale / coupon junkie and these awesome ideas on a budget are truly inspiring. I have a teensy kitchen as well with very little cabinet space and one extremely shallow pantry that doesn't hold much (but I try to cram it in there anyway). I'm not currently in the middle of any major projects because I've been so swamped lately with classes / taking care of the kids / barely keeping my house in some kind of order. Oh, by the way, your kitchen did not look gross or messy to me lol...especially not compared to how mine gets!

  4. Makeovers make me so excited! I only have one drawer in my kitchen so that last idea looks very intriguing! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures.