Makeover Monday + Babies

This is why I love being friends with people who are way ahead of me in life (AKA - are married and have children). I mentioned on Facebook that I needed a few baby food jars for a project, and the next weekend I received a whole bag of the little glass jars from a girl at church. Then yesterday she surprised me another bag full of them! I'm now convinced that babies eat more than I do. :P

I used a few of them to hold homemade finger paints (I'll get to that another time), but I still have sooo many left. What to do with them? I found a few cute ideas...

Paint the tops a pretty color and use to store craft supplies (love that little shelf they're all on)

Or make the lids into mini chalkboards and fill them with spices - I'd totally do this if my spices weren't already in cute little glass containers

This centerpiece would be perfect on my tiny dining table. It makes me think of spending the summer in a cottage by a meadow

This light is so unique. Now I just need a power drill and a how to book on wiring for lighting...

This would be the perfect gift for the crafter in your life. The pincushion on top is adorable!

I would love to have these on my windowsill. Fresh herbs would be so convenient! But it's really windy here so I'm not sure how well that would work...

Have any creative uses for baby food jars? Lemme know!
In the meantime...have a marvelous Monday! :)

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