Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

I don't know if it's the "end of school" stress or what, but I have been craving comfort foods like crazy lately. That involves macaroni and cheese (or any other kind of pasta for that matter), pretty much anything my mom makes (meatloaf *drool*), and of course, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Confession: I used to not like PB&Js. Now before you start unfollowing my blog lemme justify myself. When I was in elementary school and my mom made my lunch, she wouldn't put jelly on the sandwich because by the time I got to lunch it would be soggy. And honestly who wants a soggy sandwich? Not me. But since my mom made my sandwich with only peanut butter, it would stick in the back of my throat and on the roof of my mouth. I lived in constant fear of dying by choking on a sandwich when I was younger. Yeah, I was sort of a strange kid.
Fast forward to college, where fast and easy meals are a necessity when you have no lunch break. I thankfully rediscovered this glorious combination, and haven't gone back. I used to pair my sandwiches with a giant glass of cold milk, but now I have to settle for soy (which somehow is just not as satisfying). While I love a good ol' fashioned  PB&J, these variations below sound pretty darn good too.

PB&J Braid

Grilled PB&J
(Fun fact: I've actually eat grilled PB&Js on the reg. The cafeteria at school has a couple of panini presses and if I'm in a hurry I just fix one of these to go...it's so delicious!)

PB&J + Banana wraps

On a related note, has anyone tried this Powdered PB2? It's essentially powdered peanut butter (85% less fat/calories than regular peanut butter). It's about 6 dollars a jar on Amazon, and I want to get some. But I'm skeptical and not quite sure what to think of it yet. If you've heard anything about it (good or bad) lemme know in the comments...I'm so curious!


  1. grilled pb&j? that sounds amazing!!!

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  3. omg, PB&J's are my favorite! I just moved to Germany, and PB isn't popular or really even sold in the market! I couldn't believe it. Thankfully, I was warned before I left and brought a giant jar with me! I couldn't go without PB for too long, LOL.