Makeover Monday

With highs already creeping up into the mid 80s, I can safely say that Spring in the South is almost over and we're quickly on our way to a blazing hot Summer. Because I'm a dumbpants and forgot to bring back more warm weather clothes when I visited home, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Today I'm making over a pair of little-worn blue jeans into some cute cuffed shorts. Now this is by no means a unique or complicated DIY, and I'm not going to claim that I am a fashion genius, but I am pretty proud of myself because these shorts just look so darn cute! 
Here we go:

FIRST: Put on the jeans and mark about 3-4 inches below where you want them to fall. Mine ended up being right below my knees...I try to dress modestly so I'm not really into the whole short-shorts thing. Besides, I hear boyfriend shorts are kinda cool now. ;)
I used a sharpie to draw a 3 inch horizontal line on my jeans so I'd know where to cut (as you can see in the above photo)

SECOND: Lay the pants flat on the ground 

THIRD: Using sharp scissors, cut both legs on the line you drew

FORTH: Put your cut jeans back on to make sure they're pretty much even. They don't have to be perfect, because you're going to cuff them anyway.

FIFTH: Cuff your jeans (I rolled mine 3 times but it's whatever is comfortable for you), marvel at how easy this DIY project is, and model the shorts by taking awkward bent over self-portraits. By the way, yes I am wearing a Dallas Stars t-shirt. Gotta represent. 

Enjoy your new Summer shorts, and have a marvelous Monday!

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  1. They look really good!! I am going to have to do this with an old pair of denim!