April...wait, what?

Does anyone else feel like March just jetted on by at about 60 MPH? 
Here's my photo set for Fatmumslim's Photo-a-Day challenge!

1. Up - in the carwash
2. Fruit - bowl full of cuties = <3
3. Your neighborhood - from my window on a rainy night
4. Bedside - big cup of coffee and Catching Fire

5. Smile - with red lipstick
6. 5 PM - goin' to Zoes with my special cup
7. Something you wore - my vintage polka dot sweater
8. Window - Dallas from my front car window (taken by Little Sister don't worry!)

9. Red - my most prized possession: my planner
10. Loud - watching the Stars game
11. Someone you talked to today - Little Sister and I talked about her trip to come see me yay!
12. Fork - pretty much the coolest reusable utensil set EVER...love my mom.

13. Sign - telling us not to touch the ivy animal sculptures downtown
14. Clouds - gorgeous afternoon by the pool 
15. Car - my dream car *sigh*
16. Sunglasses - stunnuh shades. ha.

17. Green - the lizard was turning green to hide in the leaves
18. A corner of your home - with my tv/ghetto tv stand ottoman thing...i really need to go shopping
19. Funny - taking photos in the bluebonnets
20. Before/After - making canvas art while on Spring Break

21. Delicious - Blue Mesa southwestern food *drools*
22. Kitchen sink - filling up my Brita pitcher
23. Moon - streetlights pretending to be the moon
24. An animal - Louie = best dog ever

25. Breakfast - hot cocoa with jumbo marshmallows
26. Key - to mah car...along with all of my discount cards
27. Your name - on the Bible my grandmother bought me
28. Trash - boring trashcan

29. Feet - me, Little Sister, and The Boyfriend
30. Toy - my collection of toys/crafts for therapy (can you spot Guess Who?)
31. Where you relax - My comfy cozy bed *yawn*

And with that I'm off to bed. Nighty night!

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