Runs with Animals

Announcement: I have now finished an official 5K. *claps*
Last Saturday morning The Boyfriend and I ran our first 5K with a group of people from church. 

Precious family from our group...my friend took a group shot with her iPhone but hasn't uploaded it yet. Just know that we all looked fabulous.

The 5K itself was pretty fun. It was the Zoo Run, so obviously part of the course was in the zoo. We got to see the elephants and a few other animals, which was pretty cool at 8:30 in the morning. 

I wish we could've run through more of the zoo, although the paths were a bit narrow and it got kinda crowded at points so maybe that wouldn't have been a good idea. There were tons of kids running this one too (because it's a family event), which made things more hectic. I almost ran over a couple of them, eep. But then we ran out into the surrounding neighborhood and the paths widened, so it was a lot better. 

We are so hot...even the lady in the background wanted to get in on the action haha

Plus there were tons of gorgeous houses to look at so I was obviously in love. I told The Boyfriend that they designed that course just so I could look at pretty future houses haha.

I've been working up to this distance since January, but it's the longest The Boyfriend has run and I'm so incredibly proud that he decided to do this with me. There's nothing like rounding the last corner and sprinting to try and beat each other across the finish line. What can I say, our competitiveness pushes us to greatness. ;) 

PS...The Boyfriend can't take an in-focus photo to save his life. I love him anyway. ;)


  1. ok, i would totally do a 5K if i could run by animals. smart. very smart. nice work!

  2. What an awesome run! I would totally be more motivated to run if it involved animals :)

  3. This is so sweet! And what an awesome place to do your first 5k! Congratulations to BOTH of you!!!

    Happy FRIDAY!