Lovely Lavender

I'm linking up with {Long Distance Loving} again for Friday's Fancies as well as with Blonde Episodes for Fashion Fridays! My favorite color is purple, and when all of the purple pastel-colored things started to appear in stores I was in Heaven! Hey adorable pastel purple clothes...get in my closet. Now.
lavender love

Since our school color is purple, these would be perfect for a girly football game outfit. There's actually a fraternity on campus that wears lavender wranglers to the football games. Whenever I see them I'm not sure whether I should think "wow they're hot" or "wow that's weird". So I just stare until one of them catches my eye and we do that whole 'awkwardly look away at the same time' thing.

How do you feel about boys wearing pastels? They're a big deal with both girls and boys at my school. I should go undercover and take photos of people. Would that make me a creep? Yeah that would probably make me a creep. Forgive the rambling I didn't get much sleep last night. Only 5 more hours at work and I can go home and snuggle under the covers.

Happy Friday!


  1. omgosh! LOVE LOVE LOVE Essie nail polish. and im not a fan of purple but this pastel is WONDERFUL!

    where are those rainboots?!. i def NEED a pair

    1. I found them on Polyvore but they're Hunter Brand. I know they are sold on Zappos though. :)

  2. I love your lavendar awesomeness!!!

  3. I am loving lavender for spring too! Those Hunter wellies are so pretty!