It's Spring Fever

I found this quote on Pinterest and thought it perfectly summed up how I am feeling at the moment: restless, anxious, excited, and wanting something (but not knowing what that is). Am I just weird or do you ever feel a longing for no reason at all? Like the feeling that something is missing but you're not sure what? 
Anyway, according to Mark Twain I have Spring fever. Which makes sense, because we're having a lovely (if a little bit warm) Spring. Every day I have to get up and go to class is a struggle at this point, because I'd much rather be picnicking or laying by the pool or anything but sitting inside listening to lectures haha. 
How was your Easter weekend? I had Good Friday off (yay for school!), and I definitely relished those extra 24 hours of no class. Here's how my weekend went down:

Friday - Cheesecake Factory and ice skating date with The Boyfriend. Plus The Hunger Games, which I must say was fabulous! Ugh, so good. Now I see why people have seen it multiple times. The Boyfriend was a skeptic going in, but by the time we walked out he had decided that he's going to read the books this summer. 

Saturday - Last Stars game of the season *sad sigh* They barely missed the playoffs once again, which neither of us were happy about. But it was Fan Appreciation night and the season closer so we decided to make the trip to Dallas and see them one last time before October. Even though they lost, it was still a good game. I never thought I could get so nostalgic over a sport, but I totally got a little bit emotional at the end of the game. The Boyfriend will be proud when he reads this.

Sunday - Easter brunch with The Boyfriend's parents at the Worthington...seriously one of the nicest places I have ever been. Even though our Easter was rainy and gray, we still had a great afternoon. I mean, how could you not with this amazing food?? I ate some apple walnut french toast that I must re-create. Yes, it was that good. PS: currently kicking myself for not getting any photos of us or his parents. Easter FAIL. 

Finally, I have been having an incredibly difficult time with being content lately. That whole "wanting something but not knowing what you want" thing from above? It's been like that, and it's taken a toll on me. But of course, I came across this quote online the other day and BAM - it really hit me. Such beautiful words, and some that I am really trying hard to put into my life right now. Because if I go around comparing my life to everyone else's then I'm always going to be unhappy. God has given me some wonderful blessings and opportunities (especially recently), and in turn I've told him "that's not enough". How selfish of me. I don't want to be like that anymore. I have this quote written and hung on my fridge so that I can see it every day. Because it's one that I never want to forget. 

Have a great day,


  1. spring fever. yep, totally have it! i want nothing more than to take a week off ... and do nothing except sit in the sun and play with my dog. :)

  2. Ice skating? That sounds like a blast! Looks like a great (and yummy!) Easter weekend!