April Showers (of photos)

Well, we've reached the beginning of yet another month (um, WOAH). And with the beginning of one month comes the end of another. Here's how my April looked, through my camera lens. Okay funny moment just now...I spent about a minute trying to figure out how to spell "lens". All of this school is really gettin' to me if ya know what I mean...

1. Your reflection - in my big gold mirror...one of the few mirror shots I actually look good in
2. Colour - This colorful cupcake pretty much made my day
3. Mail - It's where my mail goes. But not my fun mail. Just bills and such
4. Someone who makes you happy - Well, of course he does :)

5. Tiny - I wanted this tiny yorkie in the pet store so badly! :(
6. Lunch - Such a great Greek salad
7. Shadow - Our shadows were holding hands in the parking garage
8. Inside your wallet - Student ID and debit card...most important items in there haha

 9. Younger you - Very young Lauren...not even a day old there
10. Cold - My midday snack of apple slices and a cold unsweetened passion tea yummm
11. Where you ate breakfast - At the ahhh-mazing brunch in the Worthington with The Boyfriend's parents...thanks again y'all! 
12. Stairs - The stairs outside my apartment building

13. Something you found - In the Walgreens parking lot while getting a movie from the Redbox
14. How you feel today - 6am workout + class + work until 7:30pm = exhausted
15. Sunset - The most beautiful photo of a sunset I have
16. Flower - The magnolias on campus are blooming and they smell divine

17. Something you don't like - Each pinwheel represents an abused child in FW...I hate child abuse
18. Hair - Cliche'd "hand in hair" photo...had to
19. Orange - The Boyfriend agreed to let me take a photo of his orange hair...thanks love. ;)
20. Something you drew - Ok well technically I painted this...but still pretty proud of it

21. Bottle - My lovely purple Nalgene bottle that I carry almost every day
22. The last thing you bought - Ramen noodles; I put them in an asian salad but can't eat them by themselves *gag*
23. Vegetable - I heart the veggies at Sprouts (5 corns for $1 woo hoo)
24. Something you're grateful for  - The ability to run a 5k with The Boyfriend 

25. Looking down - At mah skinnies
26. Black + white - Favorite black + white photo of The Boyfriend, Little Sister, and I on the webcam
27. Somewhere you went - Target...need I say more?
28. 1pm - Midday nap (catching up from the week before!)

29. Circle - Jar lid from the many baby food jars I received that day
30. Something that makes you sad - Being alone. Really missing my fam and The Boyfriend (even though I saw him yesterday morning). :/

Gettin' ready for May now! Today's photo is "Peace". Something I obviously don't know anything about considering I'm so stressed all the time. ;)

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