Photo-a-Day Recap

I'm posting this on the first day of March, because I hadn't uploaded all of my photos yet and the Boyfriend borrowed my camera yesterday. Here are my 29 photos from February. March is next and I can't wait to see what's in store! :)

1. Your view today - from my desk in Aural Rehab
2. Words - I love you texts are the best
3. Hands - Typing out yet another assignment
4. Stranger(s) - at the Stars game

5. 10am - We studied Luke 12 in Bible class that morning
6. {after} Dinner {drink} 
7. Button - The snooze button is my fav!
8. Sun - Peeking out from behind the apartment building and trees

9. Front door - Yes that's a guard lion clipped by my front door
10. Self-portrait 
11. Makes you happy - Leaving random notes by empty coffee cups by the coffee bar in the library
12. Inside your closet - Messiness and warm winter clothes

13. Blue - The cute vase on my coffee table
14. Heart - Paper heart on my photo clothesline
15. Phone - My blinged out (and old) phone
16. New - Got a new microwave (and the apartment complex payed for it yay!)

17. Time - Yes, I woke up at 5:40 that morning...after hitting snooze a few times of course
18. Drink - Iced coffee with coconut milk is the best
19. Something you hate to do - Make my bed
20. Handwriting - My planner

21. Fav photo of you - Me and Lil Sister being goofy in the mirror
22. Where you work - I do most of my work on the couch since I don't have a desk #poorcollegekidproblems
23. Shoes - My old running shoes
24. Inside your medicine cabinet - Nothing exciting unfortunately

25. Green - My green camelbak
26. Night - Peeking outside to check for baddies!
27. Something you ate - Made white chocolate caramel frappuccino cookies (recipe to come!)
28. Money - My financial aid $...just in time to pay rent :P
29. Something you're listening to - "Beth/Rest" by Bon Iver - Good studying music

Here's March:

Feel free to join in with us, and visit Fat Mum Slim , the wonderful creator of this linkup! :)

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