Oh, How Pinteresting!

I'm linking up with TheVintageApple for "Oh, How Pinteresting" Wednesday this morning (something I haven't done in a long time). This week's pins are all about Spring Break. Our weather is warming up quite rapidly, the birds are singing, and I am home on break while everyone else is back at school. 
But I'm still LOVING my break, and have looked forward to this time to relax and get "fun" stuff done for like the last month. Here are a few pins that make me think of Spring Break

That's all for now...I'm off to craft and then maybe take a solo trip to the park.


  1. It's so true I love bird chirping weather too!!!!

  2. i love the tattoo on the foot! can't wait for spring break!

  3. I miss spring break so much... especially looking at these pics!

  4. I love the dream catcher tank top - so many colors of tanks could go underneath it!

    My latest Pinterest post was http://erinoriordan.blogspot.com/2012/03/for-st-marcus-day-blue-monday-is-red.html