It's Ok Thursday

{It's Ok...}
...to eat that extra helping of mom's home-cooked meal.
...to be perfectly content that you have a different Spring Break than everyone else.
...to really not want to go run (it's so humid down here!!).
...to have declared this week Spring Break 2012: Pinterest Edition.
...to let your dog sleep with you in bed, even though he wakes you up every few hours like a baby.
...to be way bummed that Pretty Little Liars isn't coming back until June.
...to be completely obsessed love the Hunger Games, but not want to face the crowds for the midnight premiere.
...to miss The Boyfriend after only 4 days.
...to wish you had more money to spend on cute warm weather clothing.
...to already be looking forward to Summer!

What's ok with you this week? :)


  1. I'm so very much looking forward to summer too!!!

  2. Amen, girl - I'm also running a 5K in April (my first!), and I've got to quit slacking! :)

    (And I'm hosting a fun link-up today, too - would love for you to join in!)

  3. I found you through the link up! I love your blog, it's so cute! I'm with you on The Hunger Games thing! We are going to go to a matinee Saturday and hope it's not as bad!