Happy March 14th everyone! Or as I'd like to call it, Pi(e) Day. 
For the record, I absolutely loathe math. I'm way too creative for one right answer. I'd rather be in an English class where I can argue my point and actually sound intelligent. ;)

But, I do love pie. I know there's apparently this whole "fruit vs. cream" debate in the pie-lovers community (does that even exist?). But as much as I've thought about it, I simply cannot make a decision. A warm apple pie with Bluebell vanilla ice cream in the summer is glorious, but sometimes I think nothing can beat my great-grandmother's coconut cream pie (with homemade whipped cream, not meringue, on top). 
Which kind of pie is your favorite? I've rounded up a few scrumptious looking ones to help you make a decision:

See that last one? The banana-coconut cream pie? Little Sister and I will be making that one this weekend. Yes, finally she is coming to visit me and The Boyfriend and I am beyond excited. She's pretty much the coolest teenager I know, and we're going to have a blast this weekend. I'd love to fill y'all in right now, but she reads this sometimes. She's sneaky like that. And I don't want her to find out what all we're going before she gets here. 
But no worries, she takes photos like crazy, so I'll steal a few and put together a weekend recap once we're done tearing up the town! :)

Remember my white chocolate caramel frap cookies? Well I entered them into 20 going on 80's iron baker challenge, and I would be forever grateful if you voted for me! If you click the photo below it will take you to her blog so that you can vote for my cookies. There are lots of cool prizes up for grabs so cross you fingers that I win.

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