Go for the Goal!

It's time to link up for "Go for the Goal" - February Edition

Here's a recap of my 13 in 2013 {in list form}

*Read 12 books for fun - I didn't read a book this month. I started a novel but quickly grew bored and decided to wait for Catching Fire instead. I started it this week and I'm already hooked.
*Learn to crochet or knit - I've decided that this will have to wait for Spring Break or Summer. But by golly I will learn
*Try one new recipe per month - I actually created my own recipe this month (so proud of myself haha). Look for it to be posted very soon!
*Serve my church family more - There weren't very many specific opportunities, but I've been going to a girls' Bible study every other week, and have sent cards out to some of our sick.
*Go on a roadtrip - This too will have to be postponed until a later date *sigh*
*Give blood 4 times - I actually gave blood a couple of days ago with my school. They missed my vein and it hurt...but it was so worth it.
*Work out 2-3 times a week - Let me just say that I feel like a workout beast. I've been working out 3 to 4 times each week and can notice a change in my body...still waiting on that energy boost though!
*Volunteer at least once a month - I volunteered with some Honors students and we helped build a garden for a local elementary school (most fun I've had volunteering in a long time)
*Apply to grad school - This specific goal doesn't happen until next school year, but I went to an open house/info session this month for a potential school
*Save $300 - Ha. I didn't really save much this month. But I paid for Little Sister's plane ticket to come visit so it all evens out
*Really explore DFW - I haven't done anything exciting to explore yet. But looking for neat places to take Little Sister has definitely got me thinking
*Send 2+ letters/cards out week - I haven't stayed true to this every week, but I've done it almost every week this month
*Study my Bible every other day - Still having trouble, but still pressing on

How are your resolutions going? Comment and let me know! :)


  1. i loved catching fire!! it was my favorite of the series.

    and i have been meaning to give blood. i need to go do that..

  2. I had a bad experience giving blood in high school but now I want to try again:) Thanks for the inspiration - and for linking up!

  3. Great goals! Love the idea of the hand written notes. I am a big believer in connecting with people that way. My boyfriend gets notes from me all the time, even when we lived in the same city! Makes me want to get out the stationary now:)

    Thank you for giving blood!