Makeover Monday

Confession time: I'm a nail-biter. And not like the "nibble your nails every once in a while" thing. Like crazed hamster gnawing constantly. Okay maybe not that bad. But I get super stressed and it's a terrible habit. I just don't know how to blow off steam. This weekend I finally overloaded and shut down. I spent most of the weekend on the couch or in bed, did very little homework, and ate a lot of cookies. And now I feel just a little bit better about the week I'm currently facing. Sometimes we just need things like that. Today is about making over your attitude. Here are some little things you can do to turn that frown upside down!

Read a book (cough Mockingjay cough)

Craft (i really should learn to knit)

Paint your nails (like this lovely mint color)

Bake something (then share with someone else)

Volunteer (especially with kids...they're great)

Take a bubble bath (preferably with a ducky)

Get closer to God (read your Bible, pray, spend time with your church family)

Hug (they're good for you...it's practically scientific)

Do you do any of these things to relieve stress? Any other ideas? Am I the only twenty-something that still bites her nails?


  1. I always bake when I have a stressful day! Love that keep calm and bake on :) Thank goodness my co-workers always eat my goodies, or else I would be in trouble haha

  2. Ah - I LOVE that nail polish color!