It's Greaaaaat!

That's right, today is National Cereal Day. 
My healthy fave is half Total raisin bran/half rice Chex.
But when I'm feeling naughty I reach for Captain Crunch, Reeses Puffs, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They're so bad but they taste so good!
And of course I pair them with some unsweetened coconut milk (although Vanilla Soymilk tastes wonderful with the raisin bran/chex combination)
What are your favorite cereals? 

Have you ever eaten one of these milk n cereal bars? They're marketed for breakfast but let's be real here...they're more of a treat than a breakfast item. 

I found this yummy looking recipe on The Pastry Affair for homemade milk n cereal bars HERE. She describes them as "very similar to rice krispie bars", and they look way better than the ones you'll find in the store. Apparently they taste better, too. She said that you can make them with any cereal, but I like the way they look with the multigrain cheerios she used. Plus, I'd feel a lot less guilty eating these...Maybe I could even trick myself into thinking that they're a little bit healthy (ha!)

I'll definitely be trying this soon...and I'll let everyone know how things go! Then when they're finished I'll drop them off in the speech path workroom for the other girls to eat (muahahaha)
Now I'm off to form evil baking plans...Have a great day!

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  1. Who knew there was a holiday for cereal? My go to cereal treat are frosted mini wheats :)