It's Ok Thursday

{It's Ok...}

...to not be into March Madness (and be obsessed with the NHL playoffs instead) 
...to have senior-itis - when you're not a senior!
...to get up early (like 5am) just so you can have time to blog before school/work
...to listen to Justin Bieber to pump you up this morning (not that I'm doing that or anything coughcough) 
...to be jealous when a friend bakes scones because you're trying to eat healthier 
...to obsessively check your email several times a day (blaming that one on pushy supervisors who want responses ASAP)
...to secretly wish you could have like 5 majors - Everything looks so fun!
...to absolutely hate working out, but love how you feel afterwards
...to stay under the covers "just 5 more minutes"
...to be MORE THAN READY for Friday. Can I get an amen?

Hoping to cook and bake so I can have a couple of recipes up this weekend. That is, if The Boyfriend cooperates and comes over for dinner tonight. ;)
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Ahh! I totally get up early to blog before work, too! Sometimes, it's the only alternative!

  2. You can bet that bottom dollar of yours that I'm coming over for dinner tonight, especially with the way you cook! :)