Sugar & Spice

Looking back, the last thing I baked was at the very beginning of this month {coconut cupcakes}. General busy-ness plus the fact that I'm trying to eat more healthy food and less junk means that the relationship with my kitchen is limited to bowls of cereal, quick stovetop meals, and hot tea. But this afternoon after class I drove back home, where I was met with a big, cozy kitchen, a fridge full of ingredients, and a mom who will need help with Thanksgiving. I get a little jittery just thinking about it...but that might be the cup of coffee I had this morning. 
Nevertheless, I seriously cannot wait to get back in the kitchen and create delicious foods for a group of people who will truly appreciate it: my family. Then my boyfriend is coming down on Friday morning, and my "brother"/bff will most likely be with us for the weekend as well. My sister's boyfriend may even stop by! And you know what that means? I get to cook more food. Eep. Here's my cooking "wish list" for this week:

Ham and cheese sliders I made and wrote about here

Homemade cranberry sauce from Martha Stewart 

Baked potato soup from The Small Things

Bacon & onion biscuits from Family Feedbag

"Light" sweet potato casserole from How Sweet it is

Hopefully some of these will be showing up this week...Yum!

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  1. These all look so delicious! I need to be better about actually making the yummy things I pin. Have a great Thanksgiving!