Now it's Personal

It's safe to say that I've always loved personalized things. When I was in 5th grade my mom had my name stitched into my backpack, and I thought I was the coolest girl ever. I have a pretty common first name, but having it put on something automatically made it cooler. Did I mention I also had pencils with my name on them? Yeah, I was pretty awesome. Monograms have always appealed to me, and I recently made one of my own on the computer to paint onto a canvas tote. I just can't get enough of my initials made into a mini logo and put on all of my belongings. It's just so elegantly preppy. :)

I found a new blog this week: Coffee at Nordstroms. While looking around I found out that she's having a giveaway for some adorable monogrammed earrings from Swell Caroline. You should definitely check it out...she'll be giving them away once she reaches 150 followers, and you can enter every day! 
In the meantime, check out these other irresistible items that have been monogrammed

How do you feel about the monogram trend?
Are you a fan of the curly cursive types or the streamlined types?

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