Ponytail Princess

I'm usually on the run from sun-up to sun-down, so I have little time for my morning routine. I treasure those extra minutes of sleep, especially on those cold mornings when it's even more difficult to get out of bed. I at least take the time to put on makeup every morning, but rarely have time to fix my hair. Add that to the fact that I forgot my straightener AND my curling iron back at home, and you've got a lot of ponytails and messy buns. 

I long for the day when I have both the time and ability to make my hair look something like these:

I do believe part of my Thanksgiving break will be dedicated to finding quick and easy hairstyles that I can actually learn how to re-create. 
If you're like me and would rather just pull your hair back than try to (unsuccessfully) style it, I've got awesome news. Jamie at The Simple Things is having a giveaway for some pretty cute ponytail holders made by The Olive Tree. Go check it out and enter to win! 
Hope everyone has a great {hair} day! :)
Holiday Giveaway

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