Got yarn?

I'm linking up with Kori at Blonde Episodes again this morning for her Flirting with Temptation Thursdays. The link-up is at the bottom of this post...share what you're tempted by and join us!

I was wandering around Hobby Lobby the other day (trying to get inspiration and trying to resist buying everything I saw) and found myself in the textiles section. I came across the softest most gorgeous skein of yarn I've ever seen. I didn't get a picture of it, but it was thick and dark green and I had the urge to buy it right then. There's just one problem:
I don't know how to knit OR crochet. 

I've tried to teach myself many times, but just can't seem to get the hang of it. One of my grandmothers crocheted, but I never got her to teach me while she was still here. My other grandmother knits, but lives 4 states away and doesn't speak very good English. Dilemma. But I am determined to teach myself how to knit. It's pictures like these that inspire me. I just LOVE handmade scarves!

all images from Pinterest

Plus, I want to be able to make a Dallas Stars hat like this one I found on Etsy. It would be perfect to wear to the games later in the season. 

I get cold so easily, and the low this morning was 33. Now some of y'all might not find 33 degrees cold (coughyankeescough), but to the girl who left her "winter" clothes at home and won't get them for 2 more weeks, that's cold! I think I'll go buy those knitting needles now...

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  1. I love them too but never seem to know how to wear them! Thanks for linking up honey! Kori xoxo