Chai latte's and eclectic music

It's the music. There must be subliminal messages in the music. That's how Starbucks keeps you coming back for more. That and the stylish decor, cozy lighting, and free wireless internet. Because I don't think it's the coffee.

Hi, my name is Lauren. And I am a coffee...well I hesitate to use the word addict. Aficionado? Yes. I've been drinking coffee since the tender age of 5. My dad deemed it "too full of caffeine" (yet he let me drink soda?), so I drank it only at my grandma's house when I would spend the night. Made with more milk and sugar than actual coffee, it became my new favorite drink, and the main link between me and my grandma. 

As I grew older, my love for coffee never wavered. While others deemed it "too bitter", I couldn't get enough. During my time in high school AP courses, I began to appreciate coffee more for its - stimulating - properties. Entering college, I gasped when reading the "no coffeemaker" rule in the housing guidelines for my school. How could I live without it? The simple answer is: I didn't have. I may or may not have had an illegal coffeepot int he closet of my dorm room last year. But don't tell my RA. I brought my faithful little coffee pot to the apartment this year, and now it sits on my counter, waiting for me to fill it up and turn it on so it can make those glorious little bubbling noises. While making my own coffee is much more convenient and far less expensive than the alternative, I sometimes need to get out of my apartment and to the nearest ubiquitous coffeeshop for some serious study time.

A couple of nights ago, I headed out to study in a more productive environment with free refills. Once there, however, I found that I spend a lot of time watching people (I'm not a creeper, promise), and that Starbucks' coffee is not really that great. However, I left 3 hours and 3 cups later with a heavy caffeine buzz and renewed motivation to work...until 2 in the morning. Maybe I should try decaf next time. On a somewhat random note, has anyone ever tried a chai latte? It was the most common drink ordered while I was there but doesn't sound appealing at all. Someone change my mind?

To kick off probably my busiest week of the semester, I'd like to share some pretty cool photos of latte art. If I wasn't so in need of the energy kick, I'd say these are too pretty to drink. 


{all images courtesy of weheartit.com}

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  1. Cute pics. I"m a coffee lover too!