Work it Out

Every Friday morning I wake up early and drive to campus to work out and eat breakfast with my boyfriend. It has become our mini-celebration of the end of the week. But sometimes when that alarm goes off before the sun is even out, I just want to turn it off and sleep in for a few more hours. 

If you're like me, it's hard to get motivated to work out sometimes. Once I actually get to the rec center and start exercising, though, I feel much better about it. And working out is good for a number of reasons:

* It keeps you healthy (duh)
* It reduces stress
* It makes you look good and feel good about yourself

Now I'm not saying that if you don't work out you're a bad person or lazy or that you can't feel good about yourself. But once I started seeing results from lifting (i.e. my tiny little bicep muscles), I became more proud of myself and the progress I am making. 

Still not convinced that working out rocks? Maybe these cute workout outfits will change your mind. 

pumping iron


Every time I go lift, there are at least a few hardcore guys grunting and straining so that they can be more manly than the other guys around them...and I'm over here lifting my 15 pound freeweights. I figure if I can't lift like them yet, I can at least look like one of the guys. "Bro Tanks" are huge on college campuses for both guys and girls right now. (if you need help with making your regular t-shirt more "bro", All Dolled Up has a good tutorial)There's always someone wearing one at our rec center. The t-shirt is from the men's department, but the red sports bra adds a girly touch. The headbands will keep your hair from getting in the way of all those reps on the benchpress. ;)
And she runs


The weather is finally cooling down here (highs in the 60s tomorrow yay!), and as it continues to get colder this long-sleeved shirt will come in handy for those outside runs. Not that I run outside. I'm definitely not there yet...more of a treadmill girl. But since I'm up and out of the house so early in the morning, I would definitely use it to keep warm during my journey from the parking lot. This outfit also features my school's colors, so I can be spirited and work out at the same time. I'm seriously considering buying those shoes...Putting them on my wishlist now.


Since I don't sweat a lot during yoga (the rooms are always freeeeeezing), this outfit would be great for going straight from the rec to class. Although I would slip on a pair of yoga pants over this (I'm a firm believer of the "leggings are not pants rule), this tank provides pretty good coverage. And of course TOMS are appropriate for every occasion, right? Just add a light sweater for more coverage and you're good to go!

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