Gameday Outfit - Rangers Baseball

Breaking news y'all...the Texas Rangers just won their 3rd game against Tampa Bay (4-3)! 

In honor of their victory, I created a Rangers gameday outfit. I went to their first game against Tampa Bay last weekend, and wish I had worn something this cute. But blue jeans, a DIY-ed red t-shirt, and sperrys aren't that bad either. I went with my boyfriend and his roommates, so I didn't feel the need to get dressed up. That's what hanging out with a group of guys will do to ya I guess. It was my first baseball game in more than 3 years, and I had a fun time (even though we lost). Hopefully the Rangers will make it to the World Series, and I can have the chance to go to a game lookin' cute. When you're the only girl, you've gotta stand out somehow!

Here's the outfit I made on Polyvore. I am in LOVE with those see-through lace t-shirts, but modesty and completely visible bras don't exactly go together. So I opted for a red tank top instead. To balance the girliness of my top I paired it with some cuffed boyfriend jeans. The blue sequined flats tie in with the sparkly Texas Rangers earrings, and the look is completed with a pair of bright red sunglasses. Going to a stadium demands a convenient, midsized across-body bag, and this one was just too darn adorable to pass up!


 Are you following the MLB playoffs? What team is at the top of your list right now? 

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