Fall Bucket List

I found the cutest Fall "Bucket List" the other day, and many of y'all may have found this same one floating around the Internet. After much (and I mean MUCH) searching I finally found the original blog it came from. My mom found the same list, and even though we live almost 300 miles away we agreed to complete some of them "together". Now whether that means skyping while baking or uploading photos of our leaf art to Facebook, we'll make it happen. I plan on getting boyfriend involved in some of these as well (just a heads up!). 

Without further ado, here's the Fall Bucket List for 2011

Some of these aren't really practical (a teenager and 20 year old trick or treating?), but others I plan on making happen. Just bringing a little spice to the Fall season! As you can see, I've already baked an apple pie so that one is checked off, although there will definitely be more pies to come in the near future. I bought granny smith apples last week to dunk in warm, gooey caramel, and cookies are on my list of things to bake in the next week. I'll be updating my progress throughout the season to see how many I can do. Take the Fall Challenge with me and see how many of these activities you can accomplish in the next month or so!

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