Wonderful Wednesday

By Wednesday, most people are more than ready for the weekend. I know that I tend to get a little blah on this hump day, so starting today I'm featuring Wonderful Wednesdays. It's just a post about the little (or maybe big) things that are making me happy.

Here's what's making this Wednesday wonderful...

The gorgeous, perfect 80 degree weather - It's the middle of October, and although I would love to have the weather a teensy more "fall-like", I can't complain about it at all. Especially since tomorrow the high is supposed to be 55. Yikes.

Passion Tea from Starbucks - We have a coffeeshop on campus that sells Starbucks, and this large tea was only $2.50. The lady even let me put my Splenda packet in before she shook it up. :)

It's the last day of school - Tomorrow I'm going to Oklahoma City for my Honors class, so today is the last day of school for the week. I just have to get through clinic and in 2 hours I will be free!
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Class Search is up - They finally updated our online class search for next semester...crazy perfectionist schedule planning begins...now.

BYU/TCU game ticket - I finally picked up my ticket for Friday's game at Cowboys Stadium. I'm so pumped for football.

Now tell me what's making your Wednesday wonderful! :)

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