With this ring...

Today I'm joining C Mae at Happiness is... for her "Bling Bling Share Your Ring" linkup. Now the Boyfriend and I have only been dating for a little over a year and we're both in college, so I'm in no hurry to get engaged right now. But that doesn't mean a girl can't look, right? ;) Here are a few of my favorite rings/ring styles at the moment. 

I am in love with rose gold. It looks good with my olive skin tone, and gives the ring a vintage feel. This one is especially beautiful. I love the tiny halo of diamonds around the oval stone.

Diamond bands are so pretty, and I love square stones. This one is so sparkly!

Lastly, I love the idea of a colored stone surrounded by diamonds. Purple is my favorite color, and an amethyst is way less expensive than a big diamond.

Those are 3 of my favs...what do you look for in a ring (or what do you love about yours)? :)


  1. beautimous! I love your ring :) Yay!

  2. I love the top ring! The color is so nice!!! I have a giant sapphire and I LOVE it!!!


  3. i am currently obsessed with rose gold rings! my engagement ring is not rose gold but i am seriously contemplating getting a rose gold wedding band. the top ring is goooorgeous!

  4. I really like the top ring too! Very unique! Thank you so much for linking up!

  5. Love them!! the second one is similar to mine!


  6. i love the first and third. so unique. and you're right... you could get a huge amethyst for the price of a small diamond. i want one.... maybe for my anniversary?! :)

  7. I love love love all your picks! And I am happy I found your blog through the link up! too fun!