Just gimme a good book...

 I used to be a legitimate bookworm. Not the cute girl that transforms into a goddess with the removal of her glasses (like this girl)

More like a scrawny, light-skinned girl who would rather spend time in the library than with peers. I read all the time. I always had the most AR points out of my class (90s kid throwback, anyone?), and I finished my schoolwork at hyperspeed just so I could continue reading without being bothered by my teachers. As I grew up though, I realized that I had less and less time to read for pleasure because of schoolwork, clubs, and other commitments.

If you didn't notice, one of my 2012 "to do"s is to read at least 12 books. At the end of this semester I found that I no longer read anything except for textbooks, scholarly articles, and the occasional magazine, and decided to pick up reading "fun" books again.

That being said, I just finished my first book of 2012, The Hunger Games. I was unsure of this one at first. I heard from friends how amazing it was and how they couldn't put it down, but even so I couldn't help but be skeptical. But it was everything I wanted and more. Strong female protagonist, great plot with many twists and turns, and just a pinch of romance to satisfy my girly side. I'm no professional book critic but I will say that this book genuinely wowed me. I seriously couldn't put it down, and finished it in 2 days. If you're looking for another book to add to your reading list this year, here it is. (And PS...they're making a movie out of it too!)

There are 2 more books in the Hunger Games trilogy, but I'm pretty far back on the request list at the library. Anyone know a book (or books) to keep me occupied until I get the next one?


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