Commuter Student Essentials

Commuter Student Essentials
Any commuter students out there? This year was my first year as a commuter student, and as I quickly found out, commuter life is a lot different than on-campus life (like having to fight for a parking space every day!) Here are 8 things that make my life easier. Things that I believe no commuter student should be without.

From top left, moving clockwise:
1. A sturdy backpack to hold all of your stuff
2. A tumbler for coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day
3. A small notebook for random thoughts, homework assignments, or daily to-do lists
4. A travel toothbrush for an after-lunch refresher
5. Energy bar or other small snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day
6. Small bottle of hand sanitizer...because college can get messy sometimes
7. Charger for your computer, for those long study sessions (with Internet breaks in between, of course!)
8. Earbuds, so you can listen to music or watch funny YouTube videos in the quiet section of the library

Any other suggestions? :)

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  1. Great ideas! I totally agree, being a commuter student is way way different from living on campus-- you have to pack everything for the whole day, and heaven forbid if you forget something at home! I really do like that idea of the toothbrush, I'm definitely going to get one for my backpack.