Oh how Pinteresting

Not feeling well at all today...toughing out what I think is a cold, and having issues that only you girls can sympathize with. The Boyfriend just doesn't understand...*sigh* 
{Yes, I'll have a supreme pizza, an order of buffalo wings, a pint of lactose free icecream, and a pan of warm brownies please...with a side of fries}
So this week's "Oh how Pinteresting" will be dedicated to the foods I've been pinning like crazy. Enjoy and try not to drool on your keyboards...not that I know that from experience or anything. ;)

French dip roast beef sandwiches...the Boyfriend loves them too

Potato casserole is hands down my favorite casserole/potluck dish...awesome Southern comfort food

Ohhhh sushi...I always crave it at the weirdest times. Pretty sure I'm grabbing some for lunch today

I made this Cajun Chicken Pasta a couple of weeks ago and it was DELISH

I'm a sucker for mozzarella sticks...especially if they're dipped in ranch and marinara

Words can't even explain how amazing this is...brownies and icecream AND peanut butter? *moan*

And of course I couldn't forget the cinnamon roll...Ooey gooey sugary goodness


  1. Those mozzarella sticks look soooo good! Food pins always make me hungry haha!

  2. These look so good! Especially the cajun chicken pasta. :D

  3. Brownie, ice cream, peanut butter? Yes, yes, yes. Yum.

  4. You certainly made me drool today and I'm not in the midst of that thing girls can only understand! Those cinnamon rolls...oye.

  5. Mmm. I'm always in the mood for sushi!

  6. it is getting so close to dinner time & now you are making my mouth water! these look soo yummy! great pins!

    happy wednesday
    xoxo ashlyn