Makeover Monday

Today for Makeover Monday I'm focusing on hair. I LOVE looking at different styles, colors, and cuts but am too indecisive to ever make a drastic change. I dye my hair, but only with semi-permanent dye. In high school I cut my (very long) hair to above my shoulders so I could donate it, and that was the first and last time I cut off so many inches. I'm good with trims, thanks. :) But that doesn't stop me from constantly pinning the adorable hair I find on the Internet. I dyed my hair bright red back in November, but now that it's faded I'm itching to try something new. Then I spotted this photo from Girl and Closet and fell in love with her hair.

That spawned a yet another Pinterest search for cute bangs...

But I just can't help but think about the growing out process. I always hear people complaining about that...Do any of you have bangs? How do you feel about them? Comment below and lemme know! :)

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