Secret Santa Linkup

This year I participated in a Holly Jolly Secret Santa Swap (woah that's a mouthful) hosted by the wonderful Crystal, Emily, and Ashley. My Secret Santa was the very sweet Sarah from Shorelines & Sunshine...Here's what she sent me!

Book of floral labels - this book folds out into three sections of different labels, all with adorable retro-looking flowers on them. Perfect for my uber-organized side.
"Note to self" post-its - Have I mentioned how much I love post-its? Well, I love post-its. And to-do lists. These probably won't last very long. They're awesome.
2 moleskine notebooks - I always gawk over moleskines in the bookstore, but they're a little mini-luxury that I wouldn't buy for myself. Now I don't have to. Plus they're purple (my absolute favorite color)!

Thank you so much Sarah! :)


  1. Oooh what wonderful gifts you received! I love the notepads and the moleskine journals! I have the journals and use them all the time! So glad you participated!

  2. Moleskin is my favorite!!! Darling blog! I cant wait to read more into the new year! Check out my 10 day hair challenge I just started :)