Makeover Monday

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Today I'm making over my makeup. Since I'm usually up before the sun (no lie), my makeup routine has become pretty standard:
1. moisturizer 2. foundation 3. powder 4. eyebrows 5. swipe of eyeshadow 6. mascara

It does the job, but I'm getting bored with my everyday routine. Here are a couple of lovely, but easy makeup looks I plan on trying (very) soon.

That is the perfect red lip

I love pink lips as a girly alternative to the red...I need to find that color

Keiko Lynn does some great makeup tutorials...this is one of my favorite looks

Eyeliner on the top and bottom can look harsh, so choose navy instead of black to offset that (especially if you are more fair-skinned) - PS: who else is in love with Emma Stone? I have a girlcrush on her and think she's awesome.

What makeup look is your "go to" during the week? Have any awesome products to share? Lemme know! I'm always looking to try new makeup. 
{Happy Monday!}


  1. That keiko lynn makeup look is so pretty. I've never heard of her. Is it a YouTube channel? I would love to learn how to do that look...

  2. sorry meghan, i updated the post with the link to her blog. :)

  3. Those red lips are stunning! Wish mine were that full!