The things you find at WalMart...

I was out at WalMart getting my oil changed and decided to shop around while I was waiting. So of course I go to the grocery section (because I just love food THAT much), which if you've been to WalMart you know if MASSIVE. I don't usually buy pre-baked baked goods (because why buy if you can make?) but decided to hit up that section of the store for ideas.

Remember those "breakup bars" I posted last month? Well low and behold the queen of Southern cooking Mrs. Paula Dean has created her own version...See below:

Yeah they're called "Caramel Chocolate Shortbread Dessert Bars", which is pretty much just telling what's in them. Why can't I make something totally normal, slap my name on it, and sell it everywhere to make tons of money? Maybe it's her tan...or her blindingly white smile...or her excessive use of butter...Hmmm...

This just goes to show that you can find pretty much anything at WalMart...But I still think mine would taste better than these haha. Because mine DID taste pretty good. Maybe me and Mrs. Dean can have a bakeoff one day. Pipe dream or near future reality? Only time will tell. Until then I'm gonna keep makin' and bakin'. 

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