Breakup Bars

This week has definitely been a tough one. Between family issues, numerous tests in my classes, weather changes resulting in a case of the sniffles, and people problems I'm just about through. I decided last night that I'm breaking up with this week. Me and this week are over, done, kaput. And to commemorate this messy breakup I decided to make Breakup Bars, which I found almost a full year ago here at Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy.  I followed the recipe (almost) exactly. The only change I made was putting nuts in the shortbread instead of toffee bits...probably not the best idea. They made the shortbread taste funny...I'll have to remember not to do that next time. Oh well, ya live ya learn. They still tasted AMAZING. (btw i had already cut the bars when I took the picture to the left...Does anyone else have a mom that tells them not to lick knives? I'm pretty sure if mine were here she'd be telling me that right now).

Although the origin of these treats involved an actual breakup with an actual person, I believe that they are appropriate relief in any stressful or upsetting situation. So I encourage you to find something to "break up with", whether it be a stressful week, a bad grade, or an annoying situation. Then eat one of these bars. With their buttery shortbread bottom, creamy caramel center, and yummy chocolate top layer, they're sure to make things better immediately.

Here's to a better week!

Putting the shortbread in the oven...bake bake bake!

mmmmm caramel sauce melting on the stove...confession: i burned my tongue trying to eat it off the fork. ow.
finished bars (uncut)
cut bars...yeah i had already eaten one or two...or three...
closeup...look at those layers *drool*

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  1. Didn't your momma ever tell you to not lick the knife?!?!?