Gadgets & Gifts: Perpetual Kid

Two cups of caramel coffee with a splash of whole milk (shame shame on me!) late at night + the ability to stay up all night because it's Spring Break = Online "window" shopping.
The site of tonight is Perpetual Kid...Here are some of the goodies I found:

Fondue for Two Mug (the romantic in me loves this!): $19.99

Mustache Magnet (for when your fridge needs to hide his identity): $10.99

Peas in a Pod Salt&Pepper Shakers (they're adorable...need I say more?): $16.99

Cake Saw & Server (so you can serve your homemade cakes in style!): $28.99

Tea CupCakes Cupcake Molds (so fancy-shmancy): $17.99 for 4

Ninjabread Men cookie cutters (for an action-packed baking session): $7.99

Tank Up heat activated coffee mug (for those late nights spent blogging): $11.99

Stress cupcake (this is how bakers handle their stress): $3.99

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