Spinach Artichoke Dip...Family Style

I'm officially home for Spring "Break"!
And tonight after my mom made spinach artichoke dip for the family. I love how when I get home my family tries to fatten me up. Probably because they know I don't always eat well at school. :p

It's a pretty easy recipe. I'm not sure where she got it because my mom makes it from memory now. But you can find several variations on the Internet. Ours is a semi-homemade version (like Sandra Lee from the Food Network...except without all of the liquor).

We take a big jar of the Tostitos Spinach Dip

Add two cans of artichoke hearts

Add one 8oz package of cream cheese

Heat on the stove, adding some garlic powder and red pepper flakes

Then pour into a dish and bake in the oven until browned on top.
In the meantime, cut some pita bread up into bite-sized triangles. Bake them until crisp.

notice where I get my cute faces from haha

Enjoy! (and try not to burn your tongue)

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  1. Your dad would die if he knew you put this on here! :)