Winter is here

Even though Winter doesn't officially start until December 22, I started celebrating the weekend before Thanksgiving break. We get out really early for Winter Break this year, so I put all of my decorations up early so I could enjoy them at the apartment longer. My baby tree is up with homemade ornaments, I have my little Christmas collectables out, and lights strung randomly around the living room. I have a box of mint chocolate cookie mix and peppermint icing on the kitchen counter just waiting to be made, and my Michael Buble' Christmas CD in my laptop. It's easy to see that I'm in the holiday spirit.

Fall is one of those weird seasons that passes by way too quickly, especially if you live in Texas and it's still in the 80s until mid-November. So sadly, my Fall bucket list did not get very completed. There's great news, though. I found a Winter one!

I got this from Pinterest; it originally had "shuck oysters", but I replaced that with "Christmas movies" because Christmas movies are an essential part of Winter, and I have no idea who shucks oysters for the holidays...Is that a Yankee thing? I'll have to ask some of my Northern friends. 
Add this to your blog and check things off as you do them. If you decide to do it, post a link so that I can follow your Winter adventures as well! :)


  1. I added this list to my tumblr (adventures-in-mediocrity.tumblr.com) and its gotten more likes and re-blogs than anything I've ever posted before... so, good list! I just wish I'd found it /not/ when I'm having to get ready for finals, ha ha.

  2. Aw thanks I got it from Pinterest...Love that site. And this week is my finals week, but I'm being a hardcore procrastinator haha. Good luck with your tests!