Gifts for Music Lovers

I took my last two finals this morning, and now only a project for my honors class stands between me and my Christmas break. But instead of working on that, I'm enjoying a Dallas Stars game on TV with the boyfriend and posting my next gift guide. Obviously I have my priorities straight. 
This one is for the music lovers in your life. They may play in a band (marching or otherwise), croon into a microphone, or just enjoy discovering new music on itunes. If someone you know falls into one or more of these categories, these gifts just might be perfect.
Gifts for Music Lovers

1. A clever t-shirt
2. A guitar/instrument strap
3. A record bowl
4. A set of drumstick pencils
5. A boombox purse
6. A tiny portable speaker
7. A guitar pick creator
8. A quirky wall sign

I think my favorite item on here would have to be that guitar pick maker, and I don't even play the guitar. But what a good way to use up those old credit cards and gift cards!
Which item is your favorite? Do you have any music lovers to buy for this Christmas?

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