All That Glitters

I realized the other day that I forgot my camera cable at home when I went back for Thanksgiving. ugh. So that plus finals explains my rather scattered and (kinda lame) postings. Until I go home for Christmas, I can't post any photos I've taken. 
Luckily, my sister has a pretty awesome camera and enjoys taking lots of photos. I managed to snag these from her. We made glitter ornaments to hang on my little 4-foot apartment tree over Thanksgiving break. You might've heard of these ornaments. They're super easy to make, the glitter is inside so you don't have a lot of mess, and they're quite lovely on a lit tree.

Here is our finished product:

Also, to continue the holiday spirit...one of the cutest Christmas movies EVER.

Arthur Christmas is out in theaters, and me & the boyfriend went to see it last weekend. He was actually the one to suggest it; I'll admit I was skeptical at first. Because honestly, most kids movies are crappy nowadays. Plus this one comes in 3D, which I have officially boycotted. We saw the regular 2D version though, and it was so cute. Totally brought the magic back into Christmas. I'm taking Little Sis and Mom to see it once I get home. Yeah, it was that good. On a side note, it's pretty awesome having a boyfriend who knows me well enough to suggest kids movies when we go to the theater. Love him. <3

That's 2 items off my Winter bucket list...actually I got more than that done this weekend but I'll save it for another post. ;)

PS...Crystal from Coffee at Nordstrom just posted her 12th gift in her "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway series...Go check her out and enter to win one of her FABULOUS prizes! :)


  1. LOVE the ornaments! I totally want to make my own glitter ornaments, such a cute idea! And now I totally want to see this movie :)

    You are adorable! So glad I found your blog :)

  2. Aw thanks Courtney they were SUPER easy, and the craft stores always have the "blank" glass ornaments on sale here.
    You are so sweet...have a great day! :)