Gifts for Guys

 It seems that I have trouble deciding what I'm doing to give even the most special people in my life sometimes. Does anyone else have struggle to find holiday gifts for the people you love most? I feel like guys are the worse. I don't know about y'all, but my boyfriend is so hard to buy for. Not all of these ideas work for him specifically (and if they did I wouldn't say so...he reads this blog sometimes), but they're good gifts for those guys you're closest to.
Gifts for Guys
1. A sporty hoodie
2. A nice wallet
3. A dressy tie
4. A set of noise-blocking headphones 
5. A cool cap
6. An irresistible fragrance
7. A unique coffee mug 
8. A pair of cozy pajama pants
9. A favorite game
10. A batch of home-baked treats


  1. good finds! The call of duty made me laugh...that is at the top of my husband and brother's wish list :)

  2. Thank you so much...My bf is more of a sports game guy but I figured at least a couple of guys would have this on their list. ;)